The Buyers Guide for a Kitchen Remodel

October 15, 2020

Remodeling or building your dream kitchen can be overwhelming. There are millions of options, and opinions.

Let us help guide you.

We always start with the customers budget. This can be a difficult thing to obtain from potential customers – either because they aren’t sure how much the project should cost; or they’re afraid we will utilize the entire budget just to make a profit.

Why do we need your budget?

A budget lets us know what cabinet line to start your project in. If you are reselling your home, not staying in it very long, need a quick but inexpensive fit- we guide our customers to less expensive options; vs. if you planned on building your dream kitchen that you will love and utilize for the next 20-30 years.

If this is your first kitchen remodel, you might not know what to expect as far as cost. Letting us know what you planned on spending will help us guide you in the right direction.

What do you want your cabinets to look like?

The main considerations for most customers include color choice, door style choice, and wood species choice. Do you want painted cabinets or stained cabinets? What type of wood are you thinking about? Shaker door style, or something with more detail? Knowing what your budget is, and what you want your cabinets to look like will help us guide you to which cabinet line fits you best.

Good | Better | Best | Custom

Most of our customers fall within the Good, Better, Best options as noted below in this PDF. Once we place them in a category that works within their budget, we make it easy to find your style.

When the good, better, best options do not fit the customers needs/wants, we explore the more custom options. We work together to create a look and feel that’s all you!

Our design services are free, and we love to help people in any way we can. Jon has been in the cabinet business for over 23 years. His experience and expertise can help anyone: from designers, builders, to homeowners with any project- remodels, new construction, residential, commercial… you name it. If he doesn’t have the answer, we have the resources to help you find it.

How do you start?

We operate in a few different ways.

Socially distanced option: If you have the availability to send photos of your current space, with or without rough measurements, and let us know what you’d like your new cabinets to look like, I can provide a close estimate and go over all the design details online- via email, text or FaceTime/zoom. Once we have everything dialed in, we would measure for accuracy, finalize the last design details and order your cabinetry. We deliver, or install shortly after the cabinets arrive.

If you prefer in person communication, we follow all the CDC guidelines and repeat the process noted above.

If you are a customer who wants us to supply only, send us a cabinet list, or measurements of your space and we send back lists/layouts for you to confirm prior to ordering.

This might all seem overwhelming, but we will take it step by step and guide you through each process- from start to finish.

Living in style has never been easier.

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How long do you plan on staying in the home?

This question is crucial to deciding the quality and cost of goods for the project- more on this in a bit!

What type of Kitchen layout do you plan on using?

Sticking with the same layout is always the most economical option. However, if you want to change the layout- be aware of extra costs: electrical, plumbing, flooring, framing, drywall, paint, etc. Layout changes typically require a permit and possibly architectural drawings.

what is your budget?

Essential question! Even if you don't want to max out your budget, be prepared to discuss your allowance with the contractor. A reliable contractor will be able to work with your budget and your preferences to create the kitchen you really want. Realistic expectations and budgets are easier to work with up front- otherwise, cutting corners may end up costing you more in the long run, leaving you with an unfinished project.


01 considerations

02 choosing your builder

03 planning and design

are they qualified?

A qualified builder will guarantee a professionally finished product that will meet your budgeted expectations and time-frames.
BEWARE of hiring a builder without a contractor's license. Without it, you have little to no recourse if problems arise.

are they able?

The purpose of remodeling or building a home is to increase the value in the home itself as well as create a space for those who will live there to enjoy.
BEWARE of hiring someone who doesn't have the ability to make that happen or someone who doesn't care to make it happen.


01 considerations

02 choosing your builder

03 planning and design

Address resale issues.

If you're looking to resell or make a return on the remodel, design something with massive appeal- not something selective to just your taste.
To get ideas, think about scoping out remodels or houses for sale around your neighborhood- stay in competition with those upgrades to ensure maximum ROI.

Have you determined the scope?

How big of project can you afford; what is your time-frame for the construction period? This is when having a budget is helpful for a contractor. You may have certain desires for you space and the time-frame you wish to make it happen- but a limited budget. A qualified contractor will be able to take your ideas and the reality of building supplies, and create a crafty alternative that you'd love!

Have you thought outside the box?

Once the layout is agreed on... we get to the fun part! What kind of cabinets do you want? Builder grade cabinetry should be the lowest quality that you would put into any project. Upgrades vary and include all materials and quality of craftsmanship. You and your contractor will work together, and can discuss common upgrades.


01 considerations

02 choosing your builder

03 planning and design


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